Music Videos


A Single Step

The start of any journey begins with a single step. This is the first song i had written with a "Solo Bass project" in mind. Shot at Side B Studios,  the first studio i'd ever recorded at, with Tom Godin II, the first drummer who'd ever contributed to one of my songs. 

Alpha Centauri 

"Alpha Centauri is our closest neighboring star system, and while the video takes place right here on Earth, the song that shares its name is inspired by reaching higher than your personal atmosphere. With the help of Baltimore, Maryland-based Springwood Productions, the single from Williams’ debut album, “Suspended Animation,” comes to life in this exclusive video premiere as two kids learn to grow new opportunities on their own." - Rich Howells of

Featuring Chris Langan on Drums

The flood

It’s easy to ignore one raindrop, but enough of them together can drown you. Shot by Taking over 1000 photographs and piecing them together to create stop motion animation. The Flood is the newest video release from "Suspended Animation".